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Whenever I try to launch Rayman 2 all it does is show a logo, then it goes black for a few seconds, and then it shows my desktop for a second, and then it goes black again for a few seconds and then it takes me back to my desktop. When I'm back to my desktop I can hear Rayman music but when I try to click on it again it doesn't work at all. Any ideas how I can fix it?
When did you first buy Rayman 2. GoG updated it recently which fixed a few issues. If not, then try going to the Rayman 2 folder in the start menu, running configuration, and changing the renderer.
I just started the game up tonight, with a similar issue:
- 3DFX logo appears
- Flickering screen, seemingly adjusting the resolution
- Then a black screen, with the menu music in the background
- The menu works, because I can press the arrow keys and enter to blindly navigate into the game

What I did to fix this: (which is basically what the above post says)
- Went into the Rayman 2 folder
- ran GX Setup
- similar startup to game; 3DFX logo, screen flicker, then a setup window appears
- from here, I noticed the default Renderer was Voodoo
- In my case, I changed it to DirectX 6 (the only other option available to me)
- which brought up my Nvidia card instead as default driver

After that, I ran the game again, and evrything (so far) is OK
I'm responding to a 4 year old post, but I just bought Rayman 2 tonight and I'm having the same problem for both GX setup and the game.
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I have the same issue but with Rayman 3
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This fixed the same issue for me in Rayman 2.

Downloaded nGlide, ran nglide_config.exe in game directory, then GXSetup.exe and Rayman 2 works afterwards.