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Hi, I'm trying to play Rayman 2 on Linux, but it doesn't react to any keypresses, so I can't get past the language selection screen. I'm running Ubuntu 10.04, and Wine 1.2.2. Some users have reported success by replacing the dinput.dll with an original one from Windows, but I it didn't work for me, regardless of trying different folders and emulation settings.

So here's the Wine AppDB entry if it helps

I understand Linux is not officially supported in this release, but if anyone of you have solved this problem, please let me know.
Me, too. :-( I can't even run "GXSetup.exe" as it crashes on start.

Here is the trick to get it run: config wine for Rayman2.exe to "Windows98" and "native dll" for dinput. (

By editing "ubi.ini" file, I was able to get 1600x1200 - but only in 16 bit - not 32.
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