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So, I've been trying to fix this issue for the past hour. Firstly, I installed the game files without GOG Galaxy and then with GOG Galaxy. No change.

To sum up the issue, I try to launch the game. The 3DFX splash logo appears but that's as far as I get. Then few seconds after the game flickers black on the desktop and crashes.

I've tried reinstalling, running as administrator, changing the resolution and drivers in the nglide config.exe as well as the GX setup.exe. No change. Changed my desktop resolution, compatibility, nothing still.
By the way, my graphics drivers are up to date.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

My specs are:

Operating System
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz 28 °C
Haswell 22nm Technology
16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24)
Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Z97X-Gaming 3 (SOCKET 0) 28 °C
27MP75 (1920x1080@60Hz)
Intel HD Graphics 4600 (Gigabyte)
4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (Gigabyte) 41 °C
ForceWare version: 430.86
SLI Disabled
238GB Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256G SCSI Disk Device (SATA (SSD)) 29 °C
1862GB Western Digital WD Elements 25A3 USB Device (USB (SATA) ) 29 °C
Optical Drives
NVIDIA High Definition Audio
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Still haven't found a fix for this issue. Would appreciate it if someone could at least help. :( Thanks
So, I got in contact with GOG. They supplied me with files that eventually launched the game. I came back to it a few days later, and to my won't launch once again.

I think I've given up at this point.
download latest version of nglide from official site and with 7zip extract all files and copy all these in Rayman 2 folder

on Windows 7 there is a problem with game explorer that can cause serious problems when you launch some games
Try running with DirextX instead of nGlide
I got it running properly. I think it was something to do with one of the Windows Service Packs.

I also discovered that sometimes what I would need to do if the game wasn't launching is I'd have to log off and then on again.
I'm guessing it might of also been something running in the background that was interfering with the process.
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