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It won't let me record it. I'm using the "Action!" software for screen capture, and as soon as I hit the key to record, the game crashes every time.
(Note: I reassigned the record key, and it still caused the crash. Either of the keys do nothing to the game when NOT-assigned to record.)

I played it it compatibility mode; and the recording works just fine. As far back as win98 and as recent as win7 all work with the recording perfectly. However there is one other thing; the speed of the game.

As it turns out, the game appears to be moving in almost double-speed for Windows 8, whereas compatibility mode plays it correctly. However I actually really like it at twice the speed; it feels a lot better and funnerer.

So is there a way to get recording to work for the Windows 8 run, or get double speed for the older runs?
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When did you last install the game? Recently GOG updated it to fix a few issues with compatibility, so try redownloading and installing it.
I downloaded the game a few weeks ago and installed it two days ago. It's not listed as needing to be updated, but I spose I'll try it anyway.