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Hey all! I've recently brought Rayman 3 during GoG's sale to relive some childhood nostalgia, and have reached a snag getting the game to work.
I own two PCs, a Ryzen-based desktop and a Ryzen-based laptop.
The laptop runs this game perfectly with no problem, however my Desktop is being problematic.

No matter what I've tried I can not get the game to run on my Desktop - not even the config program works. Here's what I've tried:
Install Better Rayman 3
Uninstall and Reinstall Rayman 3
Install DirectPlay
Reinstall Windows
Install on my C drive instead of on my D storage drive.

Many thanks!

Nothing seems to work.
Specs for desktop:
Ryzen 5 1600
NVidia GTX 1070
ASRock A320M Motherboard.

Specs for laptop
Ryzen 2 2200U
Vega 3 laptop Graphics
Hey all I found a fix I discovered when comparing files.
Rayman 3 needs Read/Write access to create a Ubisoft folder with an ubi.ini file within the Windows directory.
I fixed this by creating a Ubisoft folder inside the Windows directory, then using the Security tab in the folder properties of the Ubisoft folder to allow Read Write access for Administrators and Users.
This allows Rayman 3 to run.
launching "R3_Setup_DX8.exe" in the games folder did it for me
Bustacap: launching "R3_Setup_DX8.exe" in the games folder did it for me
I tried this, but the available resolutions were too low. Never mind, this doesn't work either.
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