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Everything is in the title, I play in difficulty "rookie" and, after cleaning the two waves in Sector Bravo (so the first episode) I currently have $ 132,000 and I do not know what to buy between: Missile or Phase Shield or whatever.

What do you recommend to buy ?

It goes without saying that I buy in priority Energy Modules, if my life is dangerously low.

Thank you in advance.
This question / problem has been solved by Strijkboutimage
I like to buy "always on" weapons first.

Don't buy Phase Shields until you need them, they're a huge money sink.
Sell all weapons you picked up and like aurlaent wrote don't buy phase shield until you need them.
What I did and recommend to every one is to buy the turretgun first, it's a real moneymaker as it lets you hit targets and you can concentrate on avoiding getting hit.
After that buy the laserturret which is even better although it can only hit airtargets and last get the last beamweapon (the most expensive item in the game).
You can also buy the plasmagun and the micromissiles as they are always equipped.
The rest of the weapons aren't worth it imo.
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Okay I will follow your advice, thank you both for your help. :)