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Looks like a major problem is it's using pre-recorded low quality wav files of the music rather than allowing a midi device, and I don't see where the configuration is set to change it to use the midi files since the sources of the files are in the file0000.glb file and present with the game.


Actually there were a lot of MS-DOS games that relied on the midi output, yeah soundcards usually did a crappy emulation job, but I had a keyboard I could output the midi to and hear awesome synthesized music from. Sorta an eye-opener when you listen to the sheer difference in quality from a tiny file/stream.

edit: Actually i found the full version on a certain site, it was 9Mb total. The music is a huge improvement, also you can swap to general midi so i could run it with the synthesizer in the background which sounded great as well! And the beginning ditty for Apogee was much longer it seems...

Curiously enough this has replaced my gog version...
Post edited March 03, 2015 by rtcvb32