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Over the years, I still love to play Raptor now and again...but, Elite just became too easy. So, I decided to make up some arbitrary restrictions on shield & energy counts to make the game harder. I wanted to share them with the GOG community...and see if anyone can beat all of them (I have completed up to and including Commodore).

I have used the Starfleet rankings (cheesy, I know) for each of the challenge levels.

Ensign = <starting level>
Lieutenant J.G. = Finish Bravo Sector: No Shields
Lieutenant = Finish Tango Sector: 5 Shields
Lieutenant Commander = Finish Outer Regions: 10 Shields
Commander = Finish Tango Sector: 3 Shields
Captain = Finish Outer Regions: 5 Shields
Commodore = Finish Whole Game: 500 Energy + 5 Shields
Rear Admiral = Finish Whole Game: 300 Energy + 3 Shields
Vice Admiral = Finish Whole Game: 200 Energy + 2 Shields
Admiral = Finish Whole Game: 100 Energy + 1 Shield
Fleet Admiral = Finish Whole Game: No Replacements

Here are the details:
- Elite only (no free energy).
- You're allowed to start any challenge with 100 energy & any weapon combo.
- You can buy shields right away (before you start the first wave), but they count towards the shield limit.
- Energy & shields picked up during game play don't count against the limit.
- For challenges that don't limit the amount of energy, you can buy as much as you want.
- For the "whole game" challenges, you must play all of Bravo, then Tango, then Outer Regions.
- You can use as many Megabombs as you want.
- Never abort any mission
- For the "pure" player, completing a challenge level doesn't count if you save/restore after your ship is destroyed

Note: I suppose you can add extra difficulty by preventing the use of the Twin Laser (or restricting Megabomb usage)...but, I think the Fleet Admiral challenge is darn near impossible.

Note: If you're extra cheesy (like me), you can setup an Excel file and scrape the images from the web. I would have attached the spreadsheet here, but GoG doesn't allow me to.
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