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I remember waaay back in the day, when I got my first Gravis Gamepad. On that sweet, orange CD (yes'm, a CD! Oh boy! I'm glad I have that 4x drive!) were some of the best game demos of all time. We had "One Must Fall" and "Jazz Jackrabbit" and of course, "Raptor: Call of the Shadows."
Booting it up for the first time, it struck me how -hard- it was. Even the easy setting takes a little practice, but it's just easy enough for a ten-year-old kid, on his dad's computer. This game had me coming back night after night, with its endless waves of enemies, just varied enough to be challenging. Loads of weapons.. oh, who can forget the Death Ray? Or the secret Cow Code, with the buttons on the mission screen?
My point is, if you love scrolling shooters like Tyrian, or Raiden, or Jets'n'Guns, this one is totally for you. And the new, updated support for high-res makes the already stunning graphics look even better, and the music and sound effects will make you glad you payed an arm and a leg for those super-comfy over-the-ear 'phones.