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With the new paint look plus the sounds it just doesnt feel like the good classic that apogee made way back in the days.

played the first episode and had a ball just wish you where able to revert back to the old classic midi graphics and sound effects
speaking of which why didnt i see the apogee logo pop up again i know that they dont exist anymore but it always give me a smile to hear that apogee melody
Post edited January 26, 2011 by hammeroz
I didn't notice any new paint look? I didn't notice any better sound quality either? - I found the old sharware version on some website when I was searching - and the visuals weren't any better...

The only difference with this that I noticed is that mouse control seemed more sensitive... but that was easily fixed by slowing the mouse sensitivity in windows...

And yeh - the apogee logo was cool... But hey - RAPTOR! CALL OF THE SHADOWS! WOO!
There's a graphics filter you can turn on and off - did you have it enabled?