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To cheat with the Windows version, first we must take a visit to the land of DOS.
In the DOS version, start the first mission, hit Backspace ONCE. That gives and equips a Deathray and sets your cash to zero. Abort the mission and at the hangar you'll find you have more than one Deathray. (I don't remember how many.)
Copy your pilot/save game file to the folder where the Windows version is installed and when you run Raptor for Windows, your pilot from DOS will be available to load, with the Deathrays!
Sell off all but one Deathray, buy all the always selected weapons and you'll still have enough cash for a load of Megabombs, a Phase Shield or two and some of the higher weapons.
IIRC even if all you spend the cheat-gotten gains on just higher grade weapons, you still won't have enough to get the Laser Turret or Twin Lasers.
Of course you could use the Backspace cheat more than once, but that's just, well... really cheating. ;)
How this is possible is MKS only ported the main executable to Windows, keeping the data and save files identical to the DOS version. I dunno why they took out the Backspace cheat.
ok, does this work with the dotEMU raptor version ?