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I first played this game when I was 8, and registered an account here at just to post a review about this. Albeit, I never got the chance to own the FULL version, I however, played the dickens out of the shareware.
Countless hours, late nights after school and homework have been sunk into this game. This is one of those games when you were a kid and look back saying "One of the best games ever!".
The 2010 edition's system requirements is obviously way more beefed up than that of the original game's specs (I distinctly remember playing this on a PI 133mhz). However, I plan to purchase this game and enjoy, after 15 years, the full version.
Best game addition to this site!
Then what are you waiting for? :) It's now cheaper than ever!
I just bought it for the same reasons :D
I was exactly the same!

Played the shareware version so much my eyes bled! (nearly)

Never had a chance to play the full thing... until now!
So awesome
i couldnt believe my eyes either. i ran straight for my wallet when i saw this. im such a nerd:D
It was a pain to get legit full version... Good to have GOG. :')
OldEnt: It was a pain to get legit full version... Good to have GOG. :')
Yea, I'm kind of ashamed to admit, but this was one of those games I pirated back in the day. Couldn't find it in stores and well, I couldn't order it online or over the phone back then because I lacked a credit card as a delinquent youth. I'm glad I was able to first, find GOG, then find Raptor in their library of games so many years later.
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I used to play the hell out of the sharware version of this game when I was 9years old maybe? I spent the last week searching for it online - and having forgotten the name of the game, it was quite difficult... Kept finding some random game called raiden - I really don't think it competes with this game... So stoked I found this full version - and having already owned a GOG account for a year now - couldnt beleive it was under my nose the whole time... Awesome.
I just had to buy this the moment I saw it on GOG. Like so many, I spent days and days playing this game back in the day, some fifteen years ago. Back then this was one of the most polished, best balanced, addictive games. A big thanks to the GOG team for getting us this classic masterpiece!