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Today sees the release of the Christmas Update (version 1.11) for all platforms.
This free addition adds seasonal Christmas decorations, as well as introducing the new Dallas challenge, plus much more!

New Features
- Challenge #2 ‘Dallas’ is now available.
- New option to deactivate refunds for demolishing rails and buildings.
- Special Christmas decoration is now available during holiday period.
- Can be turned off at any time during the duration of the event via the in-game main menu
- Tasks for the transport of commodities can now only be fulfilled by delivering to cities.

Changes to Challenge Mode
- Freelancers have been deactivated to avoid randomised advantages.
- Refunds for rails and train stations have been deactivated.
- Three new tasks have been added to Challenge Mode. Among these are quests to operate a train line for a certain time, and simultaneously make available certain commodities in cities.


Neues Update (V.1.11) Das ‘Christmas Update’ wurde veröffentlicht!

Heute veröffentlichen wir das “Christmas Update” (Version 1.11) auf allen Plattformen.
Das kostenlose Update fügt unter anderem weihnachtliche Dekorationen sowie die neue Herausforderungskarte „Dallas“ dem Spiel hinzu.

Neue Features
- Herausforderung #2 „Dallas“ jetzt verfügbar.
- Neue Option, um die Rückvergütung für das Abreißen von Strecken und Gebäude zu deaktivieren.
- Weihnachtsdekorationen (nur während der Weihnachtszeit verfügbar)
- Option zum Deaktivieren der Dekorationen während der Laufzeit des saisonalen Events im Hauptmenü vorhanden.
- Aufgaben mit Warentransporten werden nur noch beim Entladen in einer Stadt gewertet.

Änderungen bei Herausforderungen
- Freie Mitarbeiter sind grundsätzlich deaktiviert, um zufällige Vorteile zu vermeiden.
- Die Rückvergütung für Strecken und Gebäude ist in den Herausforderungen deaktiviert.
- In Herausforderungen gibt es drei neue Aufgaben, darunter das Anbieten einer Zuglinie über eine längere Zeitspanne und das gleichzeitige Warenangebot in Städten.
I just wanted to say 'Thank you' for keeping this under development, adding new features (also to the base game) and providing a drm (steam) free version also for Linux. I know it's a lot of additional work for just a rather small minority group. I do really enjoy the spline-based rail-system.

Happy holidays and a successful year 2020.

PS: Just think about how nice it would be to also have a drm (steam) free version of Tropico 6, even if it would be only available from the Kalypso store :)
I want to say Thank You for giving us the option to turn of the seasonal events. :-)
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Changelog for Update 1.11.1 (18 December 2019):

- The wrong display of signals is fixed.
- A crash related to campaign mission 4 has been removed.
- The French version of the “Northern Europe”-DLC now correctly plays French voice overs instead of Spanish voice overs.

Oddly, Windows standalone installers, and those of all its DLC, updated (20 December 2019) from to
Linux not updated.
I didn't find any possibility to play a challenge even after updating to the latest version. Tried the Windows and the Linux version. Today I saw a YouTube video where there was a menu entry in the main menu to start a challenge. I don't have that menu entry. Is this feature not available to the GOG edition?
I'm pretty sure the Challenges are Steam only.