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My system is Win10, and this happens while using the OpenGL patch found here:

Every time I am about to win the medal in the first mission of the campaign, the game hangs for 3 seconds then disappears/crashes.

I am using the OpenGL patch with no compatibility options turned on (with compatibility options on it crashes at startup)

Trying to win a medal without the patch under compatibility option: WinXP SP2 makes it work fine and display the video and message and continue on to the next level.

I was thinking that because it crashes just before going to display the video, maybe I'm missing an outdated video codec or something like that? (for modern ones, I have the K-Lite codec pack on my PC) It could be a problem with OpenGL too.

I would be grateful if you could solve it or even just try the patch yourselves and see if the medal part works for you.


UPDATE 1: deleting RT2/anim/scenwin.smk makes it work, with a blank screen where the video is supposed to be. Still unsolved though.

UPDATE 2: losing the mission also triggers a crash. maybe these two videos are different than the intro/mission start ones?
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SOLUTION: After consulting Verok, the creator of the OpenGL patch, patch version 1.03 was issued, which appears to fix the problem.

Do you by any chance still have the OpenGL patch on your HDD/external? The link is gone.
Bump this, the guy removed the patch from his website
Managed to find it on archive.