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So after a disastrous first playthrough that had to be abandoned due to it becoming impossible to get resources anywhere from a ridiculous vigilance level, I decided to reset and play it smarter. Then I noticed that just walking around doing literally nothing except scavenging and trading and other non-threatening acts still resulting in mystery increases of about 100 vigilance randomly. WHY?!?! Is it a timed thing? There doesn't seem to be a way to lower the score so the game seems completely impossible and mathematically unbeatable right now. Even just walking around trading, scavenging, and only attacking high value targets I'm still accumulating vigilance too quickly. Am I missing something here or is it a glitch?

EDIT: OMG it's the other Raiders on the map causing it to go up, isn't it? I'm gonna go take them out and find out!
Post edited November 28, 2020 by desolatorgaming