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When I boot it up, the title screen says 1.0 Beta. What is with that?
DocRask: When I boot it up, the title screen says 1.0 Beta. What is with that?
Well that's odd. I just downloaded and installed and to my surprised the game is up to date (v1.1.5).
In galaxy offline backup installer is v1.0, and Beta Channel is disabled. I honestly don't know how you get a 1.0 Beta.
Yeah, I was told in the Galaxy version it's up to date but I don't use that. Rather not have my time recorded or work toward achievements all the while. Buy games here because sometimes I want a non Steam experience. So pretty much it most likely how things are updated with what I called the shelves. Manuel downloads.
I understand what you're saying. Me too, I also play some games Offline.
If it's any consolation, though - this game does not have any achievements and you can disable ''Hours played'' in settings.

Offline backup installer is still at v1.0 though.
Been playing it and seems more than stable. No crashes and maybe a little slowdown when everything explodes. Mean talking about the screen and everything around it.
It updated to 1.1.7 and it been running fine. Save game still worked for me.