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I would like to update Raiden Legacy. But I get the error you can see in the attach.

The game was installed through Windows 10, not using Galaxy, installation directory was changed in the options of the installer to :
D:\GOG Games\Raiden Legacy

(just change C:\ to D:\ actually)

If someone who know the problem can help. Thank you!
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This question / problem has been solved by dr.schliemannimage
Could the game be already updated?
I don't own the game and can't check myself but, according to GOGDB, the installer has been updated to version 1.0 on 2018-03-30 and maybe it already includes the latest patch, meaning that the "universal update" is unnecessary if you already installed the game using the this newer installer.
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Huge thanks to dr.schliemann who spend a lot of time with me to try to find a solution. After checking everything about install directory and changelogs, we had started to tough that the game is already patched.

There is the changelog of the Update 2 :

#The complete changelog:
#- Rapid Fire addition
#- higher default screen resolution
#- default HD music
#- fix for input issues in ship select screen

Theses features are included in the GOG's installer called 1.0

I made a ticket to the support to be sure of this, though.