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Is Raiden Legacy running too fast for anyone else? Has anyone found a way to fix the game speed?

I compared Raiden (MAME) and Raiden in this package and Legacy´s is running about 40% faster than it should, i have no way to compare the others having never played them before but they all seem to run way faster than intended. As in, everything flies past you super fast, bullets, power-ups, everything. It´s very hard to play the game like that, i considered snorting ala Tony Montana to speed myself up to match the games pace but i found myself lacking a mountain of cocaine to bury my face into. Ingesting large amounts of sugar and coffee also did nothing but cause my wife to give me that "what the fuck are you doing" look.

I´m running out of ideas here. Help?
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First, I need to say I don't have the GOG version, but the Desura version.

I also encountered that problem. It was like it was put on hyper speed :) And, being GOG (Good Old Gamer), it was indeed too fast.

I countered this problem by using the Cheat Engine to slow it down.

After selecting the Raiden legacy process, then "Enable Speedhack", put in 0.7 into the speed field.

It is definitely not an ideal solution (the game might get a little choppy if you slow it down this way). But, unless the dev do something about it, that's not much a user can do.

Hope this help.