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I have: MacBook Pro, Mid 2014, OSX Mavericks 10.9.5, Intel Iris


Somehow the resolution in screwed up while trying portrait mode and Raiden Legacy now shows up in a window and i cannot reach its buttons (out of screen). Nothing helps (playing with monitor resolutions, flipping screen, etc.). So i uninstalled Raiden, downloaded it again and installed it, but the same mess shows up again (like before). I guess the Mac or the game saves the window size somehow and somewhere. But where? How can i delete or reset that? Any idea?

Thanks in advance!


Post edited November 20, 2015 by VirtuaKim
Found the answer myself:

- Use an uninstaller App, like "Uninstaller OS" (App-Store, basically free). With this tool you'll scan your drive and find the hidden files (2 - 3). You can delete/shred them manually. Then download Raiden again from GOG and install. Voila - works again :)
Yeah.... I would like to know.