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Changelog for 0.4.3915 / GOG-4 (Windows) (added 17 November 2016):

New Additions!

- Added "Classic PC Controls" option. This will change the controls to work the same way as old Apogee Platformers. You can now use the Arrow keys for movement, Space for Jump, CTRL for Shooting, Enter for Activation, Alt for Dusty slam, and Shift for Aim Lock.
- NPC Voices have been added to Huts
- New Outline for Keys and Exit Chunks to make them stand out more
- Pixelverse Puzzles will now pan the camera to show what you've fixed
- Level Names has now been added to the Pause Screen
- You now take damage (1 heart) when losing a Pixelverse challenge

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

- Level Stats Fixed
- Weapon pickups now carry over to the next level
- Lock Aiming a Heavy Inhabitant will show the cursor above his head
- You can now shoot crates with the grenade launcher
- Jump sound attenuation fixed
- Replaced Dusty "Pour Pixels" animation for Conduits in Pixelverse
- Dusty will now always face the camera when interacting with objects
- Fixed an issue where you could grab ledges from the wrong side by jumping through platforms
- Fixed issue with skipping tutorials
- Made Breakable platforms only break if you stand on them
- Spring Sound volume fixed
- Fixed Dusty Punch timing in Pixelverse
- Better foliage animations
- Added vertex animations to berries
- Fixed Laserblade Sounds and added more OMPH!
- Heavy Inhabitants are now facing you
- Switched from TemporalAA to FXAA
- Changed the colour of the Spear Guards
- Level 1: Collision issues fixed
- Level 2: Fixed swamp tree not rising
- Level 2: Fixed ledge grabs on ramp
- Level 2: Fixed spring getting player stuck near ramps
- Level 2: Silhouette Fixes
- Level 2: Added missing Bug Flock volumes to Pixelverse
- Level 2: Fixed Exit Trigger and Collision volume that was causing issues
- Level 2: Fixed issue where you could see the edge of the Pixelverse
- Level 3: Fixed missing Pixelverse Backgrounds
- Level 3. Fixed Missing Logs in second part of the level
- Level 3: Fixed issue where you'd get stuck on the top of a pipe
- Level 3: Bad Pixelverse exit placement moved
- Level 3: Added missing Bug Flock volumes to Pixelverse
- Level 4: Slightly increased time before boulder drops
- Level 5: Rain and Mist pass
- Level 5: Fix for getting stuck on a pipe
- Level 5: Fixed friendly NPC triggers
- Level 5: Fixed Rope hitting a wrong mesh
- Level 5: Removed homing hazards from pixelverse and replaced them with more fitting hazards
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DeMignon: - Added "Classic PC Controls" option. This will change the controls to work the same way as old Apogee Platformers. You can now use the Arrow keys for movement, Space for Jump, CTRL for Shooting, Enter for Activation, Alt for Dusty slam, and Shift for Aim Lock.
Thank you so much for this :D Super old Apogee fan here.
DeMignon: - Added "Classic PC Controls" option. This will change the controls to work the same way as old Apogee Platformers. You can now use the Arrow keys for movement, Space for Jump, CTRL for Shooting, Enter for Activation, Alt for Dusty slam, and Shift for Aim Lock.
JesperU: Thank you so much for this :D Super old Apogee fan here.
What? Any old Apogee fan should know that Alt is for jumping :D
sleim: What? Any old Apogee fan should know that Alt is for jumping :D
Actually I used to jump with CTRL and shoot with ALT back in the day :D
When I played Commander Keen, I used SHIFT for the pogo. :)
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Changelog for patch 0.5.3992 / GOG-5 (Windows) (added 21 November 2016):

Pixelverse Tweaks and Improvements:

- Drastically improved Pixelverse Movement code
- Added more "Bugs" to the Pixelverse sections
- Added penalty to Pixelverse sections. If you "Die" in the Pixelverse, you'll lose a heart.
- Added new "Completion" Cameras to all Pixelverse sections. You now see what you've fixed in the Game World, after completing the Pixelverse section

Overall Tweaks, Additions and Improvements:

- Added Full Achievement Support!
- Pixels now gravitate towards Rad
- New Dusty Slam Effects and Sound
- Aim Lock is now more precise
- Fixed Lock-Aim cursor on Heavy Inhabitants
- Heavy Inhabitant will no longer hurt the player if you're below/above him
- New Laserblade Particle Effects
- Fixed Heavy Spear Aim
- Fixed Melee Heavy Issues
- Added Credits to Main Menu
- New Shorter Logo Intros
- Added Backer Names to the game. See if you can find them!
- Tweaked Loading Screen Size
- Fixed wrong attack sound for Low Inhabitants
- Fixed fog material appearing in the Pixelverse
- Added New Faces, and Eyetracking to Trees
- Fixed rain material appearing in the Pixelverse
- Fixed Weapons not carrying over to the next level
- Polished the way Platforms appear when being "Fixed" in the Pixelverse
- Fixed issue where dying on a Pipe would mess up animations when respawning
- Fixed Glowbees not incrementing stats
- Heavies no longer drop weapon pickups
- Ledge Grab Sounds added
- Added new sounds and particles to Punching platforms in the Pixelverse
- Fixed issues where Oneliners would repeat
- Added feature where you can place all 4 exit chunks, but Free-Roam a level afterwards, before deciding to exit it

Level Fixes:

- Level 1: Fog fixes
- Level 1: Pixelverse Polish Pass
- Level 1: Modified light rays that were popping out randomly
- Level 2: VFX and Overall Visual Polish Pass
- Level 2: Pixelverse Polish Pass
- Level 2: Fixed Statistics not counting a specific secret
- Level 3: VFX and Overall Visual Polish Pass
- Level 3: Removed enemies that were having issues spawning
- Level 3: Fixed enemy statistics
- Level 3: Moved platform slightly that was causing issues
- Level 3: Moved floating mushrooms
- Level 4: Fixed Spring Puzzle and Secret area
- Level 4: VFX and Overall Visual Polish Pass
- Level 5: Added new Huts
- Level 5: Fixed lighting issues
- Level 6: New rain and mist particle effects
- Level 6: Silhouette Pass
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Changelog for patch 0.6 / GOG-6 (Windows) (added 28 November 2016):

- Unlocked Difficulty Feature! You can now play on Easy, Medium and Hard!
- Reworked how Platforms and Collision works. The game should feel way more reliable now in terms of what platforms you can land on
- Added Pixelverse Gems. These new Gems will give you +5 gems each
- Make Heavy Inhabitant Spear Throwers more accurate
- Optimized Woodchip VFX overdraw
- Added materials for Darker Bark versions of Tree Faces
- Added 1up notifier on the main HUD
- Added new Gem Hud to the top right corner
- 1ups and Gems are now carried over between levels
- Added Pixel gravitation to main game
- Overall texture optimizations
- Fixed issue where buttons on the overworld wouldn't switch according to controller/keyboard
- Added new achievements for difficulty modes
- Polished Classic PC Controls Graphics
- Fixed Bug with the Laserblades
- Added new Visual Effects to Trophies, Extra Lives, Keys and Exit Chunks
- Added new Gem Clusters. You can now find clusters of 5 or 10 gems
- New Dusty Fight effects in the Pixelverse
- New Pixelverse Hazard Effects
- New Bug Effects in the Pixelverse
- Replaced sound for placing platforms in Pixelverse
- Tweaked Fog to be less intense in certain areas
- Fixed NPC Oneliners to be in Stereo
- Free Roam Feature added. After placing Exit Chunks you can now Free Roam levels
- Ambient Music added to Levels once you've placed all exit chunks
- Overall Performace Optimizations
- Fixed issue where certain Achivements wouldn't unlock
- Changed "New Game" menu with new Difficulty Settings
- Added new Parental Control Graphics
- Fixed certain NPC Vo's
- Pickup Highlight should no longer clip through geometry
- Fixed issue where Scoreboard counter would count incorrect amount of gems
- Added 1up Soundeffect
- Huts added to Level 2,3,4,5
- Fixed Muzzleflash on Grenade Launcher
- Fixed issue where Grenades wouldn't follow trajectory
- Fixed issue where weapon attachments were visible in the Pixelverse
- Fixed critical issue where Rad was unable to move in Pipes using Classic PC Controls
- Fixed Gem and Lives inventory exploits
- Added Pixelverse Hive Delay
- Fixed issue where Fire particles would show in the Pixelverse
- Fixed issue where checkpoints and saves would break when exiting game
- Fixed issue where you would take damage if you were above a Heavy Inhhabitant
- Removed trail effect when pixels fly into the player
- Fixed issue where the Statistics on the Overworld wouldn't save, or would reset
- Added Swing Sound for Rope
- New Door and Key Sounds
- New Wooden Wheel Sounds

Level Fixes:

- Level 1: Removed Fireplace
- Level 1: Fixed issue where VO wouldn't play in the intro sequence
- Level 1: Fixed Upside Down leaves
- Level 2: Fixed weird silhuette
- Level 2: Fixed issue where you could go through a boulder
- Level 2: Fixed NPC Teleport Issue
- Level 2: Fixed Underwater Secret Trigger not Triggering
- Level 2: Fixed wrong secret statistics
- Level 3: Placed new heavies and changed statistics
- Level 3: Fixed issue where Logs didn't have collision
- Level 3: Fixed issue where Exit Chunk would be available to pick up before solving the puzzle
- Level 3: fixed southern leaf platform collisions, so you can't jump down too early
- Level 3: Replaced the lift's platform collision volumes with new ones that block all
- Level 3: Fixed missing environment behind the spring inside the pixelverse puzzle
- Level 3: Modified and Improved overall pixelverse look a feel in the level
- Level 3: Replaced 'MusicTrigger' with new 'RadMusicTrigger' system
- Level 5: Fixed unreachable 1up
- Level 5: Fixed issue with Heavy Inhabitant on the bridge
- Level 5: NPC's are now in correct scale
- Level 5: Fixed TNT secret
- Level 5: Added missing Secret Trigger
- Level 5: Added Rope to TNT Secret
- Level 6: Water Swirl Effect Polished
- Level 6: Fixed place where you would get stuck
- Level 6: Fixed broken platform collision
- Level 6: New Secret Added
- Level 6: New Exit Added
- Level 6: New Music Added
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Changelog for patch 1.0.4372 / GOG-7 (Windows) (added 01 December 2016):

It's been quite a ride! From the initial idea for Rad Rodgers, almost 2 years ago to the amazing Kickstarter campaign, we're extremely proud to (FINALLY) release Rad Rodgers 1.0!

We're so proud of all the support and feedback we've been getting from everyone.
As a very small and independent studio, this is a game we've put sweat, blood and tears into and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy it. It means the world to us, and will allow us to continue making new Rad Rodgers adventures in the future.

<3 <3 <3

Rad Rodgers 1.0 Changelog:

- Added Surfatron Mobile App Crossplay!
- Fixed issues with translucency sorting
- More Tweaks to Easy, Normal and Hard Mode
- Added option to Enable/Disable the Bug Reporter
- Added new "Help" Section
- Added new "Ordering Info" Section
- Enemy Kills counter added to main HUD
- Improved the Dusty Slam
- Added censored VO's for Kiddiemode
- Added new inhabitant items
- Added "World One" title to the Overworld
- Added Dialogue to Level endings
- Added new Intro Cinematic Segment!
- Fixed issue where it would be hard to Auto-Target multiple enemies in the same space
- Heavy Inhabitant Effects have been added
- Optimized Graphical settings
- Fixed bug where the game wouldn't use your selected resolution in fullscreen mode
- Added scrolling text in dialogue boxes
- Fixed issue where Shamans would stop shooting if they were hit by bullets
- Improved visuals of spikes
- Improved visuals of swams bubbles
- Fixed issue where Heavy Inhabitants would turn their back to the player
- Loads of fixes to the Main Menu
- Added new Controller section to the Main Menu
- New Logo Intro Added
- Updated and Finalized Credits (With special Ending Credits that ONLY plays after finishing the Boss Battle
- New Soundpass on the Exit Doors
- Fixed and Finalized Achievements
- Glowbees destroyed by Grenades no longer turn into ghosts
- Added effect when Heavy Inhabitants die
Increased the Health of Shamans and Heavies

- Level 1: Fixed wrong statistics
- Level 1: Adjusted collision volume on a branch where the space was too visible
- Level 1: Fixed elevator that was using the wrong collision type
- Level 2: Corrected flat looking background
- Level 2: Fixed Checkpoint that broke the camera
- Level 3: Brand new Log Animations (Pretty!)
- Level 3: Enemy Respawner fixed
- Level 3: Fixes statistics
- Level 3: Added and modified some minor setdressing at/around the exit gate
- Level 3: Lowered annotation radius for the big saw in the western part of the level
- Level 3: Lowered substancially the required amount of pixels at the conduit inisde the pixelverse in the western part of the level
- Level 3: More minor pixelverse tweaks for the level
- Level 3: Removed the heavy from the bridge in the cave. (RAD-3254)
- Level 3: Quick Crate Pass.
- Level 3: Added some embers to fires.
- Level 3: Fixed invisible hazard that was blocking the player
- Level 4: Made Pixelverse Hazards look less blocky
- Level 4: Fixed washed out mist
- Level 4: Fixed statistics
- Level 4: removed apparent leftover Pixelverse hazard
- Level 4: Fixed fog sheets at the end of the level that were looking wierd
- Level 5: Fixed blurry camera in Jumppad section
- Level 5. Fixed borked secret
- Level 5: Collision volume adjustments
- Level 5. Fixed statistics
- Level 6: Added Huts
- Level 6: Balanced Hut rewards
- Level 6: Updated statistics
- Level 6: Moved away old triggering system at the end of the level, that was causing old ending system to start and then cause the game to crash
- Level 6: Added some vfx to secret areas

- Enjoy guys!
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.4376 - Hotfix / GOG-8 (Windows) (added 02 December 2016):

- Fixes Minor Graphical Issues
- Fixes Audio issue in Last Level
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.4480 / GOG-9 (Windows) (added 14 December 2016):

- Fixed Bugged End Credits where 2 music tracks would play at once
- New option to disable dynamic shadows on projectiles
- Small fix to the eye direction for the good elder in the last shot of the level 7 outro
- Pickup respawn in level 7 in first phases
- Pickups in the Boss Leve only respawns on normal and easy difficulty
- Fog Performance heavily optimized
- Optimized Visual Effects for Performance
- Disabled dynamic shadows on crate meshes for performance gains
- ♥♥♥♥load of Global performance fixes
- Level 1: Optimization pass.
- Level 2: Lighting optimization pass
- Level 2: Fixed collision on raising tree.
- Level 2: Updated some unnecessary mist planes with the ConsoleLODComponent
- Level 2: Fixed messed up lighting on lilypads at rotating platforms near the end
- Level 3: Optimization pass
- Level 3: Player rotation fix for controller on logs
- Level 4: Optimization pass.
- Level 6: Lighting optimization pass
- Level 6: Updated unnecessary mist planes with the ConsoleLODComponent
- Level 6: Replaced a scaffolding mesh that was set as destructible
- Level 6: Fixed the beginning elevator near the spikes, that wasnt looping fully. incase the player died before the checkpoint
- Level 6: Fixed missing collisions in the pixelverse
- Level 6: Fixed Saw animations
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.4480 hotfix / GOG-10 (Windows) (added 19 December 2016):

- Minor fix for one of the bosses