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When you crash the car that chirpy ass crew chief has this whole big spiel....

the whole "you got three choices kid, listen to me yammer, listen to me yammer, or listen to me yammer some more."

And no matter what I press (except alt+f4) I can't make him shut up and give me menu control faster.

Anyone know of a way to make captain annoying shut up and let me restart the race I just crashed in?

It seems that its letting me skip all that now. I don't know why it wasn't before (and it wasn't the first time it happened). Mashing the Y button on my logitech controller seesm to have done it.
Post edited December 24, 2016 by molerat
It does that the 1st time you total your car during a race and yes it's just one of the major annoyances this game has.
If you restart a race when this happens it will happen again, so best is just to rewind and get it over with and finish the race, the next time it shouldn't happen anymore.