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Hey guys..

Just bought this game and every time i launch it it crashes. Gives me this error (look error in img).
Already tried to run it as admin, didn't help much.

Sent email to support but they didn't get back to me yet. Anyone else has a solution?
Shalom shadowc !

That crash report window isn't very informative. What OS are you running (I mean what Windows) ? 32 or 64 bit edition ? How much RAM do you have, what GPU, what CPU (most notably how many cores) ?

Some people reported problems with the game crashing as long as it has internet access. One solution here (apart from completely disabling internet access when starting the game) would be to add a firewall rule denying any outbound access to the internet from the game executable.

This post may contain a solution for you.
Hey, thnx for the answer.

Win 7 64 bit
8 gb
gtx 770 2gb
i5 4670 3.4ghz

Disabled my internet and the game still crashed.. I 'll look at the post you linked here.
The most annoying thing is, i've sent a support ticket yesterday and no one answered it yet. Nice supp gog.
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