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I have bought a wheel ,to play especially with this game ,but i didn't see anywhere option to configure or activate the wheel
Anyone know how to play with a wheel ?
This question / problem has been solved by Incidiousimage
I play this with DFGT, just make custom profile in GRID and bind the controls.
As long as Windows picks up the wheel as a game controller then I'd have thought it would be fine in game. Just go to the menu to customize your controls and rebind everything for the controller using the wheel.
I am playing with a thrustmaster wheel and pedals on Win 8. Make sure to download drivers from wheel manufacturer. Within Grid's main menu go to:

Driving Options
Custom Tab
then hit "Ctrl button"
then hit "enter" for each action. Then program the wheel by turning the wheel, pushing the button, or stepping on the pedal.
"Esc" out.

Should be programmed.
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thanks all for help ,i can play now with my wheel
When trying to set the left steer/right steer in the custom preset. It won't allow me to set both and therefore the
configuration is invalid. When I turn the wheel to the left and "set" it. It shows x-axis but when I try the same to the right it shows inverse x-axis and when I set it the left preset is removed?????????????

I have a SRW-S1 which is recognized by Win7 but I can't get it to work with GRID!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.