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Some of these names actually have meanings. For example "Spielburg" is German for "Game city" (someone said it meant "Game castle," but I know cities that end in "burg," not castles). From what I understand, that's the primary reason they called that city that. That it happened to sound like the name of a famous movie director likely came into play later, when they named the Baron of the city. That is to say, I don't believe they really named it after Steven Spielberg. Knowing the Coles' humor, I believe they meant to name it after the German for "Game city," and when they found out that "Game city" in German is "Spielburg," they found that amusing at worked with that.

"Mordavia" is Latin for "Dark Valley" and Boris tells you that.

"Raseir" is an anagram for Sierra. But I don't know how Shapeir got its name. I would guess the name "Raseir" was thought of first, and then someone just came up with a name that sounded similar to Raseir.

I would guess "Silmaria" is Greek for something, but I don't know what. I would guess "Tarna" is Swahili for something, but I don't know what.
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Silmaria's name comes from the Latin elements silva "woods" and mare "sea"."
As far as Tarna goes...

There are actually a couple of real locations in Africa that are named Tarna.
Tarna, Guinea-Bissau, and Tarna, Maradi, Niger.
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"Burg" means "walled town" in German. And yes, those are different from castles, and Germans use a different word to describe castles. ("Schloss," incidentally.)

I don't know in what language "Mordavia" means "Dark Valley," but it's not Latin. The Latin words that most closely resemble the name (according to the Oxford Latin Dictionary) are "mordax" (meaning "biting" or "sharp") and "avia" (meaning "grandmother"). Not an unfitting meaning, given the presence of an elderly vampire lady, but a far cry from "Dark Valley."

Actually, there are a few other Latin words spelled "avia." Another one that might be more appropriate would be "a pathless region; a wasteland."
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The continent in which Tarna is located is called Fricana, an anagram of African.