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Here is another fun little gem of a fan game, Quest for Glory ZZT. This is one of the earliest Sierra fan games back from 1998.

It's essentially a remake of the events of QFG1. Done as a ZZT-style ASCII adventure/rpg game. It has quite a few little mini games. Nice graphics (for this type of game) and puzzles.

However, I haven't figured out how to beat the first half of the game, and move onto the second half. You need a password to get into the second half. So if anyone wants to attempt a play through, and can come up with how to beat the game. A walkthrough would be nice. Let me know, if you figure it out!

The download is on the page, and you'll need a copy of the freeware dos ZZT software and of course dosbox. The game crashes in the windows DreamZZT program.

It has links to the two King's Quest ZZT games(also worth playing BTW). These I have beaten, so I'll try to help if anyone needs solutions. These are also very early Sierra fan games from 1998 and 2000 (predating the KQ1VGA fan remake (2001)).

In addition you can find some other completed fan games here;

I don't have Neverwinter Nights so I can't try out the QFG1 Redux. Maybe this should give me another reason to buy the GoG version?

There is also Quest for Ylorg (see a QFG type game from the perspective of the monsters);
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