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I've been playing QFG5 for a few days and, unless I've gone insane, up until recently I was able to select items on what the manual refers to as the Belt Field (the row of numbered items across the bottom of the GUI) using the numbers 1-9 on my keyboard. I'd been using this, for example, to quickly equip my sword and shield when a fight started and unequip them when it ended.

Today, suddenly, this isn't working. I can still select things from the belt field with my mouse, but it doesn't respond to my number keys at all. I can still type numbers in other places that accept keyboard input (i.e. I can type numbers in a save name.) I have checked the num lock key and num lock being on or off doesn't make a difference. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and started a fresh game, to no avail. I guess this functionality isn't necessary, but it was really convenient, and now I'm pretty annoyed since it seems something is definitely not working how it should. Has anyone encountered this?

Edit: Possibly related - something else has changed: The game is now also correctly showing the eye/hand cursor instead of the windows cursor. Previously (when my button bar worked) I had to alt+tab out of and into the game to get the correct cursor, but now it does it from initial launch. I'm almost positive the correctly-functioning cursor and the broken belt bar both started at the same time.

Edit 2: I did a full reboot and things are back to normal. Cursor is initially incorrect and the belt bar is working with my number keys. I would still be interested in hearing if anyone else has encountered this.
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Wow exactly what i need help playing quest for glory 5 again but this time the belt icon short cut doesn't work for me also ? Pressing any of the numbers 1-9 nothing happens.
I can still save game using numbers though. The cursor is still correct also.

Using windows 8.1