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Changelog for update 1.5.0(v2) hotfix / (Windows) (added 28 March 2017):

- various fixes
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Changelog for Update 1.1.0 (added 02 August 2017):

- Czech language is added!
- An ingame map is now available to better find your way around the island. Just hit the M button as you wander :)
- There is now an option to ask for hints in the game. Useful if you‘ve been stuck for hours with no further ideas on what to do.
- We received quite a lot of feedback about useful items not being indistinguishable from ambience. Now there is an option to highlight interactable objects in the menu.
- We fixed a long overdue bug where some letters and hints showed up in unreadable quality when viewed on low graphics settings.
- We also worked on optimisation. The game should now be a little more forgiving for less powerful computers and run noticeably smoother.
- We implemented a system check - if your computer is under the system requirements, the game will alert you and give you tips.
- Various bug fixes.
- A less noticeable change is that the game has been saturated ever so slightly, making it a little more colourful.
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Changelog for Update 1.2.0 (added 26th February 2018):

** Windows only **

- Simplified Chinese and Polish languages added.
- New graphical options are available to tweak both performance and quality.
- We decreased the lowest and increased the highest possible graphics settings.
- We fixed an issue that prevented loading between the game’s scenes on weaker systems.
- Fixed a bug that caused the controller bindings to be off on Linux systems.
- Subtitles can be disabled from now on.
- We optimized the user interface for any resolution.
- Many minor and several major bugfixes.