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I'm trying to play Q.U.B.E. with an Xbox 360 controller.
I'm I can rotate camera, move around and jump but none of the controls seem to activate/deactivate cubes (left/right mouse button equivalents)
What am I missing?
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The controller is not fully supported in the game Qube.

But, it is supported by the engine, so you can fix it.


Add support for xbox controller triggers.

Find your Qube/QUBEGame/Config/QUBEGame.ini

Open with a text editor.

Add the following two lines:


If you want to switch trigger functions, then use these two lines instead:


I played through the whole game using the controller.
Using a Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power 2 and when I connect it to my computer while playing the game, the camera rotates endlessly on the left, forward and backward are inverted.

Where could I find the tutorial to edit that ini file ? I'd be glad to play the game using my controller and mouse.

I was able to fix this by manually remapping the controller inputs from the options menu. Kind of annoying.