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The planets have aligned and a new version of Quake Injector has been released.

You need to update to this version in order to continue using Quake Injector, since it now uses https instead of http.

Other good reasons to update:
- Some macOS problems fixed.
- When/if Quaddicted is offline, the most recently downloaded database can still be used.
- Clicking on map title in details pane opens that map's page on Quaddicted.
- Can set the "working directory" to be separate from the Quake directory if you like.

One reason you may want to do that last thing is if your Quake engine uses a lot of library files (like Quakespasm or Darkplaces does) and you'd prefer to stash the engine and its libraries somewhere outside of your pristine Quake folder. Another reason is that this lets Quake Injector launch Quake through Steam, which probably doesn't matter to most folks in this forum, but I can say more about that if you like.


FYI almost all of the work on Quake Injector is done by other fine folks, but for my part I did contribute the offline database feature and the "working directory" feature, so if you run into problems with those things let me know.
Thanks for this information. I was not aware of this new release until today. Offline feature is greatly useful and I have been using it since Alpha 2.