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I played the demo back in I guess 1997 (!) but somehow had NEVER actually played the full game.

This was obviously a gorgeous game in '97...this and Unreal (which in terms of graphics probably beats it, at least if I'm remembering right).

First glance it's UUUUGLY and astonishing this used to be state of the art, but I'm sort of getting used to it, and the art style has a certain appeal and smoothness to it that's not to bad. But WOW, people complain over the Xbox 360 version of Crysis looking a tiny bit worse or whatever, and it's orders of magnitude better. At first glance, it's tempting to think this looks no better than Doom, even though obviously it's insanely more advanced.

Amusingly and awesomely, my Geforce GTX 680m doesn't even bother to clock up from it's 135mhz base speed to run this :-D

I'd forgotten the weapons don't reload. That's been such a basic part of FPS for so long I forgot it ever wasn't. (Expected the non-regenerating health, though I still prefer that to health boxes).

The controls don't feel right to me. Like they're okay, but somehow they just don't feel "right" like basically any modern 1st/3rd person game does.

And gameplay...super basic (so far) but not too bad.

I don't know, it ain't half bad, is my thought. Very basic, but kind of fun and not a total joke the way Dark Forces was when I tried to play that last year LOL

There's SOMETHING about the Quake 2 engine though that makes me physically ill. Half Life 1 did the same thing, even worse, but Quake 2 does as well. Possibly the only two PC games that have ever made me feel sick.

Oh, the shooting doesn't feel great compared to a modern game. It's sort of abstract, you know? Like you know you're hitting them, but it doesn't really feel like anything, just they get hit enough and then "explode"...or rather quite obviously get swapped out for...uh..."chunks".