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apparently I've lost all Quake games from my account, among some others. The second and third one aren't on the German storefront, whereas the first one is, and I've definitely owned them, but now they're simply gone! It may have to do with my having refreshed my account using this link:
Usually that is used to recover lost games, but can it be that in my case I've actually lost the games only because they're not available on the local storefront?

Seemingly it doesn't have to do with specific games, but rather everything that the "Shooter Masterpieces" bundle included, which was available on the Summer Sale 2016, was removed from my account. Oh well, contacted support..

According to support it was an error in that specific order from last year which only came into play when I refreshed the account. All games were promptly added to my account again :)
Post edited February 07, 2017 by Syrion
Glad it was worked out! Nothing scarier than losing games you've legitimately bought and paid for. Have a great day!

PS I know this thread is old, but still, relevant in case it happens to anyone else.