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Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is a normal question, but I couldn't find a topic on it!

I've recently installed Darkplaces for Quake 1, and now the first level immediately starts off with pickups for yellow armour, the super nailgun & shotgun, health, and ammo. I'm not sure how to turn this off, and walking around the pickups doesn't work because the level ends with an identical pile in front of the slipgate which is impossible to avoid. My current workaround is using noclip, but this shouldn't be necessary and I wonder why Darkplaces has decided that these extras are necessary at all to finish the first level? Is it on some sort of multiplayer setting?

I'd rather be able to play the game through properly without getting undeserved bonuses right from the beginning - If anyone could tell me how to get the level to start normally without all this extra stuff, I would be most appreciative!
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Update: I thought using noclip would avoid the problem of unwanted bonuses, but after I finished The Necropolis the game boosted my health up to 50 (lame) and the next level again started off with lots of weapons and armour that shouldn't be there (lame). What to do?
Darkplaces never used to do that. It didn't for me back when I used to use it, but that was the version released on 13th May 2014 so it may well have been changed a lot since then. I moved over to QuakeSpasm instead.