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Quake 2 is marked as completed in the community wishlist, but I am not able to find it in the shop. Regarding some posts in this forum dealing with it: was it on GOG and was removed?

Thanks in advance!
This question / problem has been solved by CDJ75image
Seit ein paar Wochen sind 'ne Menge indizierter und verbotener Games für Kunden in Deutschland nicht mehr erhältlich, Quake 2 sowie 3 waren schon gleich vom GOG Release an nicht für uns verfügbar, genau wie die Wolfenstein Teile. Kannst sie dir aber einfach von jemanden ausserhalb Deutschlands giften lassen, vielleicht irgendwo in der Tauschbörse im Forum. Kannst natürlich auch ein VPN oder so einrichten, aber ich persönlich bin zu doof dafür.

For anyone not speaking German: It basically says the games are not available in Germany and how to possibly get around it.
That's what I am doing. I am using an international shop to digitally import the games. Thanks for the censorship, GOG!
Getting these games via mobile phone browser worked for me as well. Mozilla Firefox did not show any results using my desktop pc.

Very strange but also very nice ^^

Edit: Ok, it just worked because my position was in Austria while being in Germany (living near the border).
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