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Chiming in to say this worked when I ran it with wine on GNU/Linux. Thanks!
Thank you for this! Works perfectly and it's a real joy to play the game with the legendary Nine Inch Nails soundtrack. Really changes the mood of the entire game.

Amaphoban: I was able create the ogg files without issue, but I'm not hearing any music in-game.

I've attached a screenshot of my install path & folder.

Please help.
You must install Quakespasm:

Just download the correct version and unzip the files to your Quake-directory, then run quakespasm-sdl2.exe or quakespasm.exe (the first one seems better for me). Quakespasm brings the engine to modern times and adds great support for resolutions, mouse controls and such. I play with 3840x2160 and no other improvements are really needed.

The music works immidiately when using the instructions in the first post and Quakespasm.
But what if I'm not using a sourceport and I'm just running the game like normal? Will the music still play anyway?
Renki: The music works immidiately when using the instructions in the first post and Quakespasm.
You're right!

Many thanks. :)
Hello, just posting to confirm that this tool is wonderful and makes the extraction quick and easy for anyone, you don't need to go waste time with CDex and similar tools.
Tested with Quakespasm on a Win10 64 bit pc with i7 and GTX 980, no bugs, no issues, the music plays in sync and everything is great.

Again, thanks a lot dude
Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic tool!

I also have a question though: My music doesn't seem to be looping. Any thoughts about where I might look to troubleshoot?

Using GLQuake by the way. I know the original post suggested source ports, but as far as I can tell, the only difference was that I had to copy the overall Quake folder once for each of the mission packs, as it always seems to look to that first MUSIC folder rather than anything in id1, rogue, or hipnotic. Would prefer not to use a source port if's doable. (Just a preference when playing old games to be as close to early official releases as possible.) It's playing right now, just not looping.

EDIT -- Fixed it! Apparently this is a well-known issue with Windows after Windows 7. I followed the instructions found here: (apparently can't post the link, but you can find it by searching for a Quake looping issue and clicking one of the first Steam threads in Google results; it tells you to download inmm.dll to patch the Quake exes and handle the looping). Had to download some DirectShow filters to get the progam it lists to play the .ogg files (It gave some pretty clear error messages about this), but after that everything went smoothly. It's really easy to setup in case anyone else is hitting the same problem. After getting vanilla Quake to run, I just pasted the patched GLQuake executable into the copy folders I'd made for the expansions, and made new _inmm files with their tracks to put in their respective folders.

Whip together some shortcuts and I'm now playing Quake with its soundtrack without a source port! You can also patch the WinQuake executables if you so desire (I'd actually rather be playing that, but my laptop is so hilariously not built for gaming that it actually has trouble running all the graphics through the CPU for long stretches; gets too hot.)
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Does the tool correct the false time entries in game.cue and gamed.cue? (see and

If not, you'll have wrong cut wav files if you don't edit game.cue and gamed.cue before extraction: the first 2 seconds of every track after the first (track02.wav) will be attached to the end of the track before. See here for correct content for both cue files.

edit: GOG messed up my links again. :/
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what software do you use to extract them on MINT?
flatiron: what software do you use to extract them on MINT?
Command Line: CD Ripping and Encoding by bixel
hansschmucker: snip
Nobody posted in a long time, so I'll do it - Thanks for the audio extractor!

It's the only utility/tool that for some reason allowed me to extract the tracks out of provided images, every attempt to mount the images resulted only in the data portion being readable and tracks were missing even when viewed by EAC etc. So there is some issue in my system somewhere in this regard.

Anyway, this extractor worked as advertised, super easy to use and the greatest aspect of it is that now I don't have to suffer the "muffled" de-emphasised version that seems to be the most popular option for whatever reason. Anyone who is familiar with NiN's work from mid 90s knows how raw and striking it should sound. De-emph was as if I listened to my neighbour playing it through a wall separating us ...

I've used the corrected cue sheets too, however there is still 2 sec long silent gap at the beginning. I guess that can be remedied by editing the cue file further and re-extracting it anew, so each track would start without delay (although now it kinda simulates the delay of cd-rom drive tracking the requested timestamps haha).
Also if it was a FLAC instead of OGG (e.g. like flaccl etc), that would be absolutely the most epic version of tracks for quake, despite I guess I couldn't hear anymore the difference between 256k ogg and flac.

Cheers again HansSchmucker!
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I found this very useful. Thank you!
Thank you! It worked very fine for me. :-)