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There was either a mod or add-on for Quake, [url=]Malice[/url]
Could it be added to Offering pack?
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I remember Malice. I had the CD of it back in the day. One of the better TCs.
I'm not sure if Malice has been released as freeware like most of the other commercial Quake TCs (such as Abyss of Pandemonium or that officially-licensed X-Men mod that somehow came to exist). I do know that Ratloop, the company that made Malice, still exists as an indie studio (with their most recent game being that Rocketbirds game that was in one of the Humble Indie Bundles). I too think Malice would make a sweet freebie, and there's definitely still someone to go to and ask.
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If you want to try contacting,
The X-MEN mod is freeware, although it no longer includes the soundtrack. But if you have the CD version, you can rip it to ogg's and play with Darkplaces engine.

Malice seems to be abandonware.

While Shrak's homepage is still live after so many years, I doubt it's being sold anymore.
I rather like Malice. It's a fun game with some ridiculous voice acting and writing. I mean, the main antagonist is named Colonel Bossman.

Wishlist entry for Malice