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So ive got several computers with intel cards. Intel GMA 950, Intel HD 4000, and some noname intel in latest Atom Intel CPU for tablet PC's.

In Quake 2, RtCW, Call of Duty i've got grey screen instead of image. In first two games installing nglide solved the issue, but that's not normal.

Any fix? I know that its a well known issue for Carmacks OGL on intel cards.
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Not sure, but my first recommendation is to try a source port.
Sounds weird since half of todays laptops are on intel gfx. Gog should solve this, not me. Thats why we paying money here.
Actually you are paying money to access few copyrighted files and musics.

For the files, literally it is just:

The rest is not needed. Just copy those file and use a source port.
Just download "Quake II Unofficial patch 3.24", unpack it somewhere, put the files listed above and play.