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The game doesn't save my progress, nor my settings.

When I quit, whatever progress I have made is lost when I restart the game. It's strange, because supposedly it does write *something* to disk and cloud saves are synched. But when I relaunch the game, I have to start from scratch.

Any idea what the problem could be? And how to solve it?

Edit: I also own the game on Steam. It's not installed there now, but could it have left some files somewhere that are confusing the GOG version of the game?
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So I uninstalled the game, scrubbed my registry, and reinstalled. Same problem.

If I select "Exit campaign", the game just reverts to where I was before. I don't get to see the main menu.

Display settings always revert to default when restarting the game. Checkpoints aren't saved: I always have to start from scratch.

I'll contact support in the meantime.
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I installed it on another PC and it worked fine.

I dug through the game's files in its installation directory and I managed to solve the issue. I've never experienced anything like this, but here's the solution that worked.

Inside the game's "Content" directory, there's a folder called "ConfigOptions". I think these were used during testing -- they don't seem to be needed at all. However, my computer's name is MSI and one of the configuration files in that directory is called MSI.xml. I checked the file and one of the options it has is "<DirectLoad>Campaign</DirectLoad>".

This is what prevented me from seeing the main menu. It also messed up the saves -- the game *does* save checkpoints, just it never loaded automatically, reverting instead to another part of the game, because of this setting: "<SkipIntroMatch>true</SkipIntroMatch>".

Deleting or renaming the "ConfigOptions" folder fixed my problem. The game now loads to the main menu and I can pick a profile and play the game, access Versus Mode, and so on.

So if anyone runs into a similar problem, this is the fix.
r u using gog installer or goggalaxy?