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Hi there,
I played Pure Pinball some years ago, and the other day I downloaded the Pure Pinball 2.0 REDUX Version.
Now all the lights on the table don't work (like 2x, 3x, etc.). Does anybody know how to make them work again? That's quite annoying, as you don't know what to do...
Appreciate your quick answers
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Could you please post what video card you are using and your OS?
I have the same problem.
I'm running windows 7 home premium and have intel x4500 graphics
Please help :'(
Not holding out much hope for a reply but would like to think that support could be given seeing how old this topic is. Or if indeed a solution was found for this; searching the 'net reveals nothing.

I'm running Pure Pinball 2.0. Redux on Windows 7 64-bit and having partially the same problem as frankwettert. It's the board base lights that are not lighting at all (the ramp lights, etc.) . Yet the bumpers light when hit. Have tried all different resolutions and configurations to no avail. Really taking fun out of playing game because unsure what features are lit / where to go, and so on. :(

I also presume this update (being called 2.0. Redux) does away with need for T&L requirement.

My specifications if it'll help decipher / solve my problem:

Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core T4400, 2.20Ghz, 4Gb RAM, 64-bit.
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No one at all can advise? Real shame as this looks to be a cracking game... if all the lights were working. Is there no work-a-round? No patch? Unusual issue really as I know trying things like backward compatibility wouldn't make no odds as the game IS working to a certain extent. and yes - I have tried all possible modes. ;)
I'm using Vista, just installed the game and in my case too, some of the lights are not working! the game seems fun and all but it's a bit hard to follow when the lights are not functioning :\
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I know this topic is old as hell but since I have the same problem and don't know what to do yet...

You can see my system info in this screenshot:

And my problem is similar to the earlier posts, the game runs perfectly fine on the highest quality settings with all visual extravaganza enabled (I'd be shocked if it didn't) but the lights on the tables do not work.. This is a major problem in a pinball game, where you need the lights to be able to achieve high bonuses and multipliers :/

I'll try some things and post back if I manage to get them to work.

Edit 1: I've tried playing around with 3DAnalyzer and its various options but still no table lights. Also, I've extensively gone through the Windows compatibility options offered in Windows 7.

Edit 2: Downgraded my Intel graphics drivers from attached original intel hd driver.png to older intel hd driver.png - table lights still not working.

Edit 3: Changed to graphics driver version - Still. No. Lights. On. Mah. Tables. *sigh*

Edit 4: Installed and tried the wrapper from with different options. YOU GUESSED IT, NO TABLE LIGHTS! :3
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