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First, the graphics and sound on this title are wonderful, right down to the player's reflection on the ball. Overall, it's a really well done pinball sim. The ball physics feel right to this casual player and the tables are entertaining despite the boring, generic names.
As for my criticisms, I've spent a few hours with it but as a casual pinball player, I find the Special Mode achievements nearly impossible to decipher. Difficult shots I can understand. Difficulty comprehending what to do next is insufferable. The manual is little help because it seems as though it is referencing images of the tables that it does not actually contain (shot locations numbered and referenced). This makes it difficult to figure out the shots you need to make in order to achieve most of the special modes. Even activating the multiball function is confusing at first. To make matters worse, the high score tables are set so high that I rarely achieve any scores the game considers worthwhile, which makes me lose interest after a game or two.
In the end, this is surely worth the scant money I paid for it, but I'm seriously considering one of the other titles available over this one.