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1.1 is out
italian with dark fist !
they have a new thing added to the old game, too nad its the version where your sta and other things are lowerd, you cant get it higher thus your behind will be kicked more often which means more grinding on the same missions

but i will install the old and the new version :D
Cause i am curious to see the added content

btw i did not find any breaking bugs and finished the game.

Patch 1.1 (09 March 20016)
3 Hours Of New Content – you need to start a new game

Yes, you will get to figure out what happens to Fluffy the cat. And yes there is a whole side-story to this. We definitely didn't just forget to put the sprite into the new house and made this all up. Search for a briefcase in your house on around day 6.

i guess i wont be using these 2 new things :D

Hardcore Mode
Twitch Integration