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Why no more update? Game still outdated from Steam Version
Post edited March 02, 2019 by Schnitzel.188
Schnitzel.188: Why no more update? Game still outdated from Steam Version
Possibly so few sales on here, they could not go trough the pain of an update.

Not sure if is GOG fault for still selling this, not simplify the update process or the devs.
Or both.
Why tf are developers allowed to abandon their shit here, and then continue selling new wares?
At least give us the option to hide games/developers so I don't have to research their shitty abandonware every sale only to remember they don't deserve a penny.
The changelog shows that it is version 1.31 from 18. June 2019. Does anyone know if this matches the version on Steam?

EDIT: Looks like Steam is 1.32 but it only lists 'a few stability fixes'.
Post edited August 20, 2021 by JasperAK
I think the version was mis-labeled in GOG's systems. When I run the game, it displays the version as being 1.32 (in the top right corner).

Patch 1.31 added Korean localization. That is included in the GOG build. Patch 1.32 had stability fixes, but I can't easily find any details on exactly what those fixes are, so I can't verify them.