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I'm playing this game with the xbox controller for windows but for some reason I can't look up and down using the right analogue stick. In fact no buttons on the controller will give me up/down view.
Is there a way to get this happening because I love this game to death!
It looks amazing and is just bloody awesome!!
But up and down is a must on some levels.....
Since the game doesn't support the triggers of the XBox-gamepad, I used the default mouse/keyboard-keybindings and mapped them to my gamepad with Pinnacle Game Profiler - any other mapper should work (almost) as well.

there are certain aspect that, I believe, elevate Pinnacle above all the other mappers and, if you want, I'll post my profile.
I know this may be a bit late for the OP, but for anyone else searching with a similar issue...

You can bind the 'Look Up/Down/Left/Right' to the right analogue stick via the Options->Controls->Bindings page in the Journal.

Just click the far right hand box next to the 'Look Left' option for instance and it will turn red indicating that it is waiting for some input. Move the right analogue stick to the left and it will now display the text 'Joy Rot X' (or something similar). Do the same thing for the other unmapped 'look' options and you're good to go -- right analogue stick should now control the camera.

Patryn is correct on the left/right trigger problem -- these don't seem to be assignable in-game. After a bit of fiddling, I found enough buttons to assign everything I needed without them, but indeed a mapper would be a good choice for these.
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