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It's not worth it. Gamepads are not recognised (though you can use mapping tools like Joystick Mapper to somehow cope with the issue) and, worse, the visuals are glitched: textures are missing or incorrectly layered, to the point that the game can become unplayable. In the first level -- Basic Braining -- it is impossible to pass the mine field, because most of the mines are not properly rendered, which makes them invisible, and thus only pure luck can allow you to pass this very early section of the game. Glad I already owned the game, and did not buy it especially to play on my Macbook. I don't know how the game behaves on Intel Macs.
I have the same issues. I actually was able to get past the minefield by changing the view angle to almost completely horizontal, and then I could see the mines. Such a shame because the game looks and feels great for me, playing with a keyboard, on everything but this weird texture thing.

Edit: Just beat the game. Far from impossible, but does make it a little more challenging, especially on the latter levels, to complete the platforming while dealing with the graphical issues.
Post edited September 06, 2022 by Boilpoint