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Psychonauts is to video games what Voltron was to giant robots: the fusion of like-themed elements into a single awesome gestalt capable of dealing a mighty blow.
The game is a fun 3D platformer. If you enjoy games like Prince of Persia, or even old standards like Sonic the Hedgehog, you'll get a kick out of the gameplay. On the surface, it's the usual negotiation of rough terrain with developing powers and a little combat.
The game shines in its conception and creativity. As Raz, you are a budding Psychonaut -- a warrior who takes the battle into the minds of the enemy. That might sound harsh, but the game plays out in a friendly yet subtley sinister summer camp. This is a great game for kids.
Psychonauts draws its unique look from the surreal, literally psychedelic visions you find in each level. A drill sergeant's mind is a mess of barbed wire and trenches. A young child's mind might be a twisted bedroom of nightmare shadows and creaking closet doors. Every level is a masterpiece of Freudian inference.
Tim Schafer is the mind behind Psychonauts, and that right there is a mark of quality. Schaefer drove landmark Lucasarts adventure games like Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. Story, dialog, and characterization all shine. Even between levels, Shafer presents the story as you explore the world: there are few if any force-fed cutscenes with exposition here. Psychonauts neatly dances between arcade jumper and point'n'click adventure.
If that weren't enough, the game boasts some serious star power on the performance side. Cartoon voice acting megastars Richard Steven Horvitz and Charles Adler add their considerable talents to the main characters, supported by brilliant dialog. If you don't recognize the names, your ear will probably recognize the voices.
Psychonauts is a must-have addition to any classic gamer's collection.