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I noticed there is bug when using light, it seems you get loud noise, looks like the sound is in a loop.
I can attest to E1M6 having a bug with the secret switch, letting you flip it into eternity.

Game also has some kind of bad stutter.
Forced double buffer vsync perhaps?
This happens when i throw a knife and use the light spell right before the knife hits something.

/watch?v=BfU2OIhl6N8 (YouTube)
E1M5 - Graveyards - The Gates, the red door just next to the sole secret (iirc) to be found in the level:

Prior to opening the red door there's intentional(?) invisible geometry in front of it. Probably wouldn't have noticed it at all if not for the floating decals.
The decals along with the invisible geometry(?) disappear as soon as the red door is opened.
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XBOX one controller is not supported. I need this please.
Friend reporting that movement lag is worse with has broken the game with unlocked FPS. You feel like you are on roller skates.
Same for me, movement feels like im skate`ing.
thepostaldud3: has broken the game with unlocked FPS. You feel like you are on roller skates.
Yeah this is happening to me too. Win10 1920x1080 fullscreen max settings
Things I noticed so far:

When you bind weapon change on mouse wheel differently than default (up=previous, down=next weapon) the function doesn't work. It seems like two conflicting weapon change commands are issued at once (double click sound) and the weapon stays the same.

Weapon change frequently seems to omit some weapon slots (going from slot 5 to 3 etc).

The game doesn't save custom shader settings, you need to set it every time you run the game.
Game just updated and now the movement is like im ice skating and im constantly rubberbanding with aiming be impossible. hopefully this is fixed soon as i really want to enjoy this game
Im soft locked at Episode 5 Level 5. Character dies before entering level, and screen is stuck at 'press any key to continue'. Only way to get out of that is to close the game.
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Just heard from the devs on Facebook. Game will be rolled back to Verify your game integrity if it doesn't automatically do it. :)
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Hello, let me start off by saying that I love the game, just thought I'd report this bug. I'm currently on E2M8 on Standard difficulty and have just died for the first time, after accidentally basking in the radiance of my dynamite whilst dealing with a Shambler, a message popped up stating that I had no lives remaining and the ensuing death screen's Continue option is grayed out. Of course I had no less than 17 lives. P.S. I don't how others feel but I think the Sorcerer boss was a little too easy, he fell quickly to around 10 Super, eh, Boomstick shots.

Edit; Restarted the mission and it took 2 lives (down to 15). I think the lives are working as intended as far as keeping Episode progress.
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E1M11 - Castle - The Battlements, one of the regular doors leading out of the starting area:

One of the door textures that hasn't been aligned resp. is not stuck properly to the wall.