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[My post did not seem to show up. I am trying to re-post. I'm sorry in advance if this post shows up twice. It's all forum software's fault :-P]

I've finished the game. I will try to write about some of my impressions in the feedback topic later this week (in short - I really like the game, but I see the room for improvement ;-)).

More bugs that I've encountered during my playthrough:
- Motion blur does not seem to work after the patch (or it's hardly noticeable).
- Balista hit detection has some problems. Occasionally I've seen projectiles go through enemies without any effect (noticeable mostly on larger enemies).
- the SMG and minigun sound seem off. Like the volume levels are constantly changing. I haven't fully tested it, but shooting double SMGs for some time definitely causes the music volume to go down for about 2 seconds after shooting stops. This isn't dialogue, so I don't think it was intentional.
- The ending is broken. There is a shot of the boss dying and nothing happens. I could see one of the remaining monsters whacking my invisible protagonist, but I had to Alt-F4 the game. [update] I managed to see the outro by selecting the level from main menu and completing it. By doing so I also encountered another bug. Hitting 2 forms of the boss with BFG (I don't remember what it is called, but we all know it's a BFG ;-P) each time I encountered a 2 second pause followed by a huge frame rate drop. Everything was back to normal after a few seconds.
- Some level specific bugs - for example in the Gauntlet there is a place where I fell through the floor (replicable), and there is at least one place where lava does not kill the player.
- Graphics problems/oversights. There are occasional cases of Z-fighting when unlocked secret blocks collide with the roof. I think that the sky in Ruins - Giza should look different. There are also some cases of missing textures (for example the outer part of the wall on top of the building in City - the Skyscraper). I also noticed incorrect rendering when looking through the window on top of the last building in City - the Maelstrom.
- The "too bright" comment from my last post doesn't seem relevant any more. It all depends on the level. The first 2 episodes still do seem a little too bright though (like the Ice caves levels).
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OK, another quick bug, but this is the extension of my earlier post. I started a new playthrough on hardcore. The problem I listed earlier about the sprinter perk is not necessarily related to the perk itself. Deactivating and reactivating running causes the character to move about 30% faster (tested on the long corridor in the workshop). So. either the base speed after loading the level is to slow or the changes caused by pressing the run button are off.
Started a new game. The mouse sensitivity feels different between the intro level,workshop and E1M1.
Hi. I dropped the general feedback for PW in the appropriate thread. A sly person can learn from it that I have finished this game, so I feel like a veteran! However, I didn't notice any grievous shortcomings and thus have a possibility of contributing only two miscellaneous issues, and even then they might be some sort of WaDs (Works as Designed).

1. With the crosshairs option enabled, the default crosshair for every weapon is switched to another one (from the laser gun's one to that of pistol, and vice versa, for example) every time after changing a level or restarting after a death. This behavior includes returning to the workshop as well.

2. The music for E3M10 (Industrial - Gristle) is definitely too loud, compared to the other music tracks. I dunno, ingrained dB gain too great?
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I believe Crossbow is bugged in that max ammo reverts to base value upon game restart (despite the number of points invested into Capacity).
This is a bug i did not have before when i last played last year when everything went smooththe whole time.

When i load the game it loads into a very narrow resolution (7000 by something).

It does that upon start of the game.

I changed the resolution back to 1920 by 1080 but every time the game loads a level it reverts back to that narrow resolution.
Thus far I have found 2 bugs with the latest patch.

1. Lock Y resets when entering a new area.

2. I think the bloom is broken.

Previously, I wasn't able to see the pixelated clouds in sky with the bloom on. I wasn't sure if this was intentional so I went into settings and tuned the bloom on and off multiple times with no on screen affect.
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I have a consistent problem where upon loading any level, it causes my resolution to change to it's highest value, so at the start of every level (and workshop) I have to pause the game and reset the resolution, otherwise the game starts stuttering and my GPU fan starts going into overdrive
I have had this problem since I bought the game in december, I was just hoping the lastest patch fixed it because I know someone else has reported this bug before
I have a graphical problem where some items and corpses are glitched into the floor. See attachments:
01: a healing item from episode 3 with it's bottom part in the ground
02: a pistol ammo pickup... yeah it really is even though it doesn't look like one

I don't remember when it started happening, but no resolution or other options in the menu seem to affect it (tried everything and a lot of combinations of different options on and off). I do remember that I played this game around it's release and it was fine back then. Not every item looks like this either, just some of them. Big health pickups and corpses of female demons from episode 1 seem to also be affected.

Reinstalling/repairing from gog galaxy didn't help. The only thing I haven't tried is a complete wipe of the game folders (which would trash my saves).

Any help would be appreciated.
01.jpg (358 Kb)
02.jpg (122 Kb)
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There is a bug with the perk that lets you phase through enemies. If your foes are dying, you can't move through them. Some block your way, others can be pushed aside.

There are secret doors that open themselves on E2M7 (Abandoned Base - The High Ground). All of them will open if you open a specific door. This door is the red door you open before you get the blue key. Because all the secret doors are now open, you don't get credit for finding them.

There are some problems with the Sammoner spell. If a weapon is empty, you can't switch to it so you can reload it. You can't reload the ultimate weapon with this spell. Finally, the spell can continue to be cast even when you are at full ammo, wasting mana in the process.

You can't improve your character after beating all the levels. You get improvements at the home base, but they don't get set unless you go on a mission. I can't find a way to go on another mission after I finished them all.
In E2M4, one of the secret room/paths is one way path. Its on the way to the blue key. Somehow, one of the entrances/exits only works 1 way. You can leave the secret room, but one of the exits won't let you in. If you try to shoot it, marks get left behind as though it were a wall.

Somehow the monsters get to ignore this.
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I know this forum is dead to the developer now but regardless

I was playing yesterday after leaving it a few months (other games came out) everything was fine my save worked fine finished a chapter went to hub quit the game. came to play it today i can only start a new game my save either doesnt work randomly or was deleted entirely.;
I just bought the game and when I start a game it has this endless spinning which is very dizzying.
I don't think that's a normal intro stage so I'm just making a note here and hope it gets fixed because it's unplayble in this state. I don't want to refund because this game seem awesome, but I might have to if this doesn't get fixed.
The chain reactor weapon has a bug where you can carry more ammo than you should. The capacity is normally 10. If you pick up some chain reactor ammo, when the sum of current ammo and ammo container is greater than 10, you get to keep the excess ammo. For example, if I'm carrying 9 shots but I get to pick up 4 more, then the amount of ammo I'm carrying is now 13.
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A few bugs I've noticed persisting in the lastest patch. Some of these I think have been noted before but I'll leave them here anyways

E2M7 "Higher Ground" - something causes the secrets to open themselves, renderring them unobtainable though the items in them can still be picked up. I can't determine what EXACTLY causes this, but sometimes they remain closed and other times not. In any case the final secret can still be 'discovered' by destroying the breakable door that's lifted up, lol

E4M5 "Shipyards" - the Evil Seal that's supposed to be defending the exit is stuck in the ground. can still be killed with explosives.

E5M7 "Sahara" - SOMETHING really screwy is happening with enemy placement on this map, end-of-map stats usually showing about 400 kills which is WAY off. Seems to be a ton of enemies just randomly die at the beginning of the level? and their dropped pick-ups can be found at random throughout the level.

"Hard" difficulty - Claims that enemy damage is doubled just like Hardcore, but this actually isn't the case. When I first beat Hard after it was introduced I thought to myself "Hey right on, I never died even once that run! I could totally win on Hardcore!" Guess again! enemies in Hardcore deal WAY more damage. Verified via some basic testing in the first level.

I know this isn't really the place to post about this but... can something be done about the act 1 boss? Maybe I'm just terrible but it feels to me like surviving his final form on Hardcore is really a matter of luck, as he often jumps straight to you and kills you in seconds. Every time I've beaten him was by complete fluke where he stopped relentlessly attacking for a moment
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