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First of all I want to say how much i enjoyed the game! I had an awesome experience with it and the issues I had with it feel like nitpicking but it would futureproof the game for me if those issue could get resolved so hear they are ( I know some of these are already adressed by the developer but I will state them regardless):

*Normal difficulty is too easy. I finished the game with 30+ lives only dying I think 3 times during the whole game. 1 of them because I started playing on auto pilot and wasn't paying attention to my health any more. I did not grind levels or points, I just played normally but i did look for secrets (but not find every single one). Also the bosses are way too easy. That being said Hardcore sounds incredibly hard.

*This has been mentioned a lot but the lighting is very weird and too dark on high settings, it can be fixed somewhat with graphical settings but this does not feel or look as it was intended I think. I feel like this is somewhat confirmed by how bright medium settings are.

*I experienced weird mouse lag in map E1M6 (currently experienced it again on hardcore, so it has something to do with this map specifically) but nowhere else in the game.

*Stats! I love looking for secrets, knowing how many enemies there are, etc. I would like to have a statscreen during a level telling me how many secrets there are so I do not exit a map realising I missed one. I could keep a list but i feel this should be an easy addtion. The stat screen after every map is also too easy to skip accidentally. Related to that I only saw a text story screen before entering the hell episode which makes me question I also accidentally skipped story between the other episodes?

*The map is useless. You only get to see a small portion of the map which is not very helpfull but what's even worse it's a full map with no indication where you haven't been yet. I hope a better automap (like classic doom) which we can toggle fullscreen would be very helpful.

*And finally the controls, I couldn't change the mousescroll direction for the weapons ( if i did It would get stuck) and they scroll weird through the weapons. If the grenade is selected I have to scroll through the entire list to get to the rocket launcher even though it is in the same weapon slot?

Again these are pretty nitpicky but they were a constant frustration throughout this otherwise amazing game! It is one of the best games I played this year so please take these critisism only from somebody who loved the game and wants to love it even more and enjoy it for years to come! (since we are nitpicking: don't start a map with enemies swarming you and egypt was a bit boring compared to the other episodes even though egypt was amazing in hell ;) )
Seconded on the difficulty part. The gap between Normal and Hardcore right now is way too big. Just a simple inbetween mode with more damage done by monsters (or at least giving some of them a tiny bit more health, the lesser ones are more squishy that Doom's fodder at times and ammo practically rains down on you in later levels) would be great. By the time ep 2 hit I was never short on ammo.
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I would add on the map part, said by other user on this forum, that dev should add marks on the map for doors, key doors, and so on.

Oh and more options for controls. The rest I agree 100%
new game+

I know you can play levels via stage select but once you finish a stage you're kicked back out to the main menu. Be nice to be able to go to the next level immediately
Regarding the Map. Could we pleace have a button to look at a larger map and some markings for doors of different colors so you can tell if there are any doors left to open intead of running around the map like a headless chicken?

Filling in the map with Secret areas as you enter them would be handy to but not as important I my two first requests.
I think easy difficulty is ok, easy should be supposed to be really easy and should be more seen as a learning the game and the maps then playing, the other difficulties might scale a bit better.

The game description on gog lacks a bit and is irritating, in german it´s described as " doom and hexen meet for having some beers", thats wrong as both games mentioned already had double resolution on all sprites/textures and felt a lot more sharper then PW is, irritating. However, a beer meetup between "Wolfenstein and Shadowcaster" might describe it a lot better.

The games basic idea is nice but still needs a lot of finetuning from my pov. First, this game has a ton of enemies, but at last most of them feel just the same. This reduces the amount of thinking and tactics to a minimum and could require a bit of rework. Maybe less enemies at once (randomly the game just smashes all at you it has for the current episodes setting) but then more difficult ones that require different tactics or weapons.

Additional for that, already visited areas could "scale" with the players level so you are not bound to the top levels for getting XP and replay and gain xp wherever you want.

The minimap might need some rework, if you want to keep it in the corner as it is, it should at last display the double amount of area around you. Else the other idea like it was in doom - make the map as an overlay that can be switched with the tab-key.

Additional, the game has a lot of weapons that double use most weapon keys. It´s nice to have so many weapons, but toggling trough them takes time and leaves you in most situations with the wrong weapon in your hand. I personaly think it would be better to switch the weapon type with the keys, and then the 2 subtypes with the mousewheel.

And at last, maybe for later patches/releases, an option for having the double (higher) sprite/texture resolution like it was in doom would be really satisfying.

Don´t misunderstand me, the games basic idea is really nice and i actually really enjoy playing it (i am old enough for to have played all the games yours is related to at their release times ;) ), but with a bit more finetuning it could be really a blast for what it wants to be.
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