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I just discovered a way to get around 170 upgrade points in a few minutes. It's probably a glitch but I really like it. If it is a glitch and the dev reads this: PLEASE DON'T REMOVE THIS!!!
I used a hand cannon (pistol upgrade) to do this. When you defeated The Old One, use the pistol to shoot the tentacle as shown in warlack 1.png Each time you it the boss "dies" again and you will get all the loot again. Do this repeatedly and you will have a lot of upgrade points in a few minutes. This worked for me when I selected the boss fight from the single mission screen. I am not sure if it works in the campaign.

To the dev: Please do not remove this bug. It gives me an easy way to try out the upgrades and it is an optional thing to do. If a player doesn't want to cheat the don't have to.

Update: It works even better with the flame thrower upgraded to the Fire Lance and it works in the campaign mode too.
warlock_1.png (376 Kb)
Post edited October 27, 2018 by benvlieg