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Hello and firstly, thx for the great game.

I've played 2 years ago this game, but there was too much bugs and balance problems to get nothing but frustration while playing.
I've just reinstalled it and, still, some bugs and feature that make the game unstable are dumping down the joy we can get from this game.

One of the most frustrating lack is the support of MAC keyboard. Most shorcuts won't work and the game is then a click-o-drome.
I'll really enjoy a way to customize the keyboard and assign working shortcuts to mac keys.

Some bugs :
- some doctors don't find toilets at their floor, but there is
- some personnal just stop walking and stay there for ever
- in the pharmacy, the personnal almost always goes to the other end of the room to take something to serve patients but same medical cupboard is just behind them

Thx !