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Anyone else noticed that some patients come in with "pain" or "tendernes", and you just can't figure out WHERE!?
Of course you interview them, do basic examinations, you can even do 20+ examinations, and still all you get is that the patient has pain SOMEWHERE.

Seems totally unrealistic - why would a patient go to a doctor complaning about pain, but refuse to reveal where???

Am I missing something here?

The game is great, so it's pretty frustrating with all odd things that pop up while playing :/

Thanks :)

EDIT: Got answer from developer.
This behaviour is very hard to change, it's part of how the game works somehow.
But it seems we won't get stupid scenarios where we can't find this pain by simple physical/visual examination if it's a trauma (like broken leg or similar).
So then it's probably some disease or more vague pain instead, and those might even in real life be hard for a patient to tell exactly where it is, it's diffuse/vague.
So I guess we have to buy that explanation, cause the game is really good.
Worst case, just send those odd patients to another hospital and forget it happened :D
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